Martin Pickering – About me

About me – Martin Pickering
I am a Spanish pilot, and I simply love to fly anything possible,however my main passion is for acrobatic models and jets. I am lucky to have been able to practice the hobby that I love to the max, taking me to great success at Europe’s largest competitions and airshows, meeting top pilots and companies, even being fortunate enough to fly for a lot of them. I am very aware of the huge support that I have always received from family, friends and sponsors, and I owe a lot of my success to them. I enjoy the challenge of always being able to perfect the precision and smooth flying required for both competition and show flying, but just love to put on a show, trying to make it special for anyone watching. In competition, I have been 4 times Spanish Champion, 4th in Europe and with a number of winning rounds and podium finishes at competitions around Europe.


Following the decline of acrobatic competitions in Europe, I have focused my attention on airshows with huge success.  My flying style could probably be described as “lower!” which is always a big crowd pleaser.  Thanks to this I have been fortunate enough to have received invitations to some very special and prestigious events and airshows all over the world.  Flying in distant and exotic places such as Abu-Dhabi, Beijing, Shanghai, India, Chile or South Africa, as well as practically every county in Europe. 
With a fun attitude towards flying, but still having a good understanding of the seriousness required when representing the companies I fly for, I have also been able to succesfully promote them both in Spain and around the globe.
With many new projects on the drawing board, the future looks like a fun place to be, so keep tuned for more information as it happens!
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