Visitamos a Marc Hauss – MHM


During the show at Servo74, we met again with out good friend Marc Hauss.  After the great show, in which among other highlights I performed my first aerotow.  Now forgett starting small!  We did it big style!  With a make do system on my 100cc Edge 540 we towed Marc’s 8m, 33Kg DG1000 glider, wow!


Following the show, Marc invited us to visit his shop in Hagenau.  We couldnt resist, and what a place!  Each room with more models, surprises and stories.

For instance, any ideas what this is?

Marc-Haus (4)

Marc explained that it is a very early receiver!  With one “expansion pack” needed for each servo used.  So you have three servos, you use three.  For five, you would use five!  Simple, brilliant, but also a little big…

Marc also explained how he started.  It was in the 70’s and he was massively into gliders, and he desiged them himself, and started producing them for others.  As his model base grew, so did his client base.  Marc no longer continues this side of the buisness, but as I am sure he will admitt, he  is still a glider guy at heart


Marc-Haus (6)

Marc was also the first person to aerotow a model glider behind a full size aircraft, even though he is currently known probably for the increadibly complex builds that he does, bot for himself and others.  Here is one he is working on at the moment, a Carf P51 with amazing detailing:


Marc-Haus (1)

Fully functioning multiple exhausts

Marc-Haus (2)

Marc-Haus (3)

MHM – Marc Hauss Modelisme is the official dealer for Carf in France, as well as dealing with a number of the worlds largest names, such as Moki, Kolm, JetCat, Powerbox-Systems and so many many more.

Why not take a look at his website:


Marc-Haus (5)