Weston Park Airshow 2015

As I have done for the last few years, I spent some time in the UK at the Weston Park Airshow.  Having had a great time previously, this year I decided to go a few days earlier and really soak it up and fly even more!

Arriving on Wednesday I had the chance to try my good friend Rob Gardners J10, making about 8 flights to fully set everything up!

I also got to fly a Hangar 9 Extra, Pilot Extra, and a load of different jets and foamies!

Loved it!


Weston-Park-Airshow-2015 (57)

Our good friends Sami and Gustavo Almagro came from Cordoba for the weekend which made the event even better.  It was also great to get to meet all my UK mates again, including Andy from OptiPower/OptiFuel and his colleagues both on the main and on the heli line.

Flying Paul Goslings Diamond was definately another highlight of the weekend for me, a rather unusual yet very fun and distinctive model.

I also must thatn Phil for all his help in looking after my model since last year and keeping it going, cheers mate!