Electric Winter – Murcia 2016

Each year in Murcia they hold an event for exclusively electric models, and this year the dates fit well so I could take part.

We have spent a good day flying hardly making any noise… Apart from my Extras that is, that for the day where classed as electric… (they have batteries inside, so that counts, right?!)


Invierno-Electrico-Murcia-2016-PickeringRc (8)

With Vito from Centro Rc Levante we represented the brand OptiPower at the event, with pretty much every size battery going!

There where drone races at a rather cool circuit out back.  Unfortunately chaos with the frequencies resulted in most of the races not even finishing due to interferance in the video feeds.  Even so, we had a good time zooming our quads even if we did break a few props!

Once the event was over, I was honoured with the prize for the most spectacular flight, so thanks to the organizers for that!!