UAV GP Anji 2016 – Formation Cup Shanghai

This year we returned to Anji, close to Shanghai for the UAV GP, this time with a Jet Formation Cup all organized by the Chinese Government and Powerbox-Systems.

Unfortunately the weather wasnt kind to us and we had low cloud cover and rain throughout the event.  That said, everyone did a great job in flying when there were gaps or reduced rain fall, allowing the event to go ahead and perform the necessary flights for a winner to be crowned.

To start with, here is a video of the week.  It is filmed when the weather was at its best, so you can imagine what it was like the rest of the time!



Six teams were takint part, plus the chinese team who unfortunately couldnt participate due to a problem with one of their models:

-Team Redbull – Flying Airworld Aermacchi Mb339 
-Team Horizon – Flying the L39 from Paritech/Tomahawk
-Elster Team – With their 3D Su27 
-Reds Duo – Flying the Airworld Bae Hawk mk66 
-Team Italy – Flying the Rebel Pro from Pirotti
-Team France – Flying J10s with vector thrust from Carf

Additionally to the formation pilots, a group of us also went to perform exhibition flights throughout the show.  We had a little of everything, with Hans Litjens (pulsejets) Michael Wisbacher (3D Helis), Sebastiano Silvestri (3D Jet) and Tzu Chu Lin and myself with 3D acrobatics.

As like last year, there was also a UAV competition, with models that must have no human intervention once in flight.

The helicopters had to be able to read a number from a screen, fly over to a wall with all the numbers on it (0 to 9) and spray paint the same number it had seen on the screen.

The planes had to fly through three square gates placed in a straight line, not much bigger than the model.  In between each gate though there was a “lamp post” which depending on which arrow lit up, the model had to fly round to the left or the right of it before lining up for the next gate.  All very interesting to watch!

After a very tight competition, in which I think every pilot suffered some sort of difficulty, problem or repair with their models (mostly due to the water) it was the Red Bull team Sebastian Fuchs and Tim Stadler who took the gold, along with a cheque for 10.000$.  A well deserved win following some amazingly tight formation flying despite the adverse conditions.