Getting to know Secraft

Secraft Secraft is a company who specialise in anodised aluminium components for rc modellers.

Due to their ever growing product range and the top quality produced, they have quickly become one of the best known supplyers of aluminum accesories, just some examples would be their servo arms, accesories for transmitters, anodised washers and many many more.

We where fortunate enough to meet the people behind Secraft when we where at the EXFC 2011. They kindly took time to show us some of their newest products as well as ask for our opinion on these products and new products soon to be available.

Here are just some examples of the new products that they showed us at the EXFC 2011:

Canopy quick latch & fuel dots

I have been using their products for some time, and am very happy with the results, just some of their products that I have used have been their rudder servo tandem (used in Krill 3m Sukhoi with x3 JR 8911)

Transmitter tray strap:

Anodised washers to spread the load on the composite fuselage:

During the EXFC you could see how much they really enjoyed seeing people use and enjoy their products, as well as enjoying the amazing flying happening throughout the weekend.

As well as their most seen products, they have some very interesting accesories, such as:

Silencer supports, their new brushless smoke pump and even transmitter tray heater for winter flying!

But why not take a look at their website to see all their products:

Also, if you have any ideas for a great Secraft product, feel free to email them to and we will be happy to forward them to our friends at Secraft