Painting Skymaster ViperJet


Following two years of flights, and a minor incident while landing, a friend from my club asked if we could modernise his ViperJet, changing various aspects of the build, fixing minor defects and then re-spray the whole plane in different colours.

The idea was to update this tired yellow and blue ViperJet and update it into a new, red and white version.



The first task was to peform the updates, changing the plastic servo arms for metal versions, adjusting the lengths of the servo arms, adding carbon tube to the pushrods, remake the servo covers for the new servo arms,  etc.  Larger jobs included modify the fixed rudder to make it removeable, permanently fix the winglets under the fuselage, add an external fuel point in the wing, reinstall the lights, fix the legs, wingtubes and change the pilots. Not much then!



It sounds like a lot, it was, however even though time consuming, fortunately nothing was excesively complicated.

With the changes made, it was time to sand down the plane, add filler where needed and also seal all joints (such as the join of the two fuselage halfs).

As the plane had already flown, it was very important to make sure the plane was spotless, as well as taking special care where the original paint had started to lift.

Once everything was dry it was a case of sanding everyting and applying a few coats of sandable primer to get rid of any imperfections.

Sanded down once again it was time for the fun part.  Masking off and adding colours, using the same lines as the original scheme, so as to simp0ly change the main colours but not the overall design.

Starting with the white, I painted a white base coat followed by a pearl white that really makes the white stand out.

The red is also done in two stages, using a Red Candy Wine to make the red a more intense colour that really stands out from the white.

The black and metallic silver where one coat colours that contrasted the other two perfectly.

Once all the colours where done it was time to give it another sand down and then clear coat the whole plane, before the last sand down and polish for the perfect finish ready for flight!