Powerbox-Systems Lightbox – Video tutorial

Video tutorial for the Lightbox by Powerbox-Systems.  A small yet very capable unit that allows us to control all the LED on our models, be it to add a personal touch or to finish off that super scale model, it does it all!


The Powerbox Lightbox allows us to fully control the Led in our model in any way we want, with up to four completely independent Led types.

Power comes either from the Powerbox itself, with the same voltage as that is set in the Powerbox, or if using an external battery of 1, 2 o 3 cells, the voltage is automatically the same as the Lipo.

Control is via a connection through a receiver channel and each of the four Led outputs can power one or multiple Led with either a solid light, a flash, double flash, beacon or afterburner effect.

Each of these settings can be programmed through either the Powerbox USB wire or their BlueCom adapter and mobile phone.