Powerbox-Systems – Lipos

Possibly one of the most important decisions to be made when putting together a new model is the type of battery that we are going to use to supply that all important power to our servos and other electrical components.

One of my favourite Powerbox-Systems products are their Lipo batteries, different to all others on the market due to their unique specifications. Unlike most lipos these are designed specially for receiver systems. The first advantage is that they have a hard case, with a simple cradle support, making taking them out of the model for charging just a couple of seconds.

Currently Powerbox-Systems have three different lipo sizes, these being 1.500mAh, 2.800mAh and 4.000mAh. They also have a new set, of 3.300mAh LiFePo4.

For my 3m Krill-Model Sukhoi I decided to use the Powerbox-Systems 4.000mAh Lipo’s. They supply the power to all 17 servos (4 per wing, 2 per elevator, 2 for rudder and 1 for throttle) as well as the power for the ignition and also for the smoke pump.
This has worked perfectly, giving me 4 full flights which use just under half the power of the lipos, at which point I swap the batteries for a fresh set, purely for peace of mind.

The first powerbox-Systems lipos that I purchased where for my first large scale model, the 33% Krill Katana. I decided to use two 1.500mAh batteries, which gave me a very good duration being able to get several flights between charges.

Also the advantage is that unless you wish to charger them as normal, you do not need a normal lipo charger, and we can charge them with the specific powerbox-Systems charger that plugs strait into either the mains 220V or to a 12V battery (such as a car battery) Very handy for charging at the field, just plug in and leave it be, once the green light glows the battery is fully charged.

An advantage is that due to the circuitry inside the lipo, they will stop charging once full, thus avoiding any possible dangerous situation s due to overcharging.

Due to the simple charging jack, Powerbox-Systems alo are able to supply small extention cables that allow you to charge the batteries from a distance, or even from the outside of the model, without the need to even take the cowl off. As the charge jacks are only very small (aproximately 3mm round) these can be put on the side of the fuselaje and they are barely noticable.

In my second Katana, due to the success from the first one, I continued to use the Powerbox-Systems lipo”s, this time using two 2.800mAh for the model, 1.500mAh for the ignition through a regulator also by Powerbox.

When lipo”s first entered our lifes they where for the daring, due to their reputation for being dangerour or explosive, and even though they are now part of life, the Powerbox-Systems versions allow an even greater safety level