Mag Sensor


Mag Sensor, que permite encender o apagar su centralita (modelo) por imán. Disponible para centralitas modernas (interruptor con conector negro) y centralitas más antiguas (conector rojo). ¡ver descripción para las características completas!



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El Mag Sensor de Powerbox-Systems sustituye el interruptor habitual de su centralita (Sensor Switch) y permite encender o apagar su centralita (modelo) mediante imán sin necesidad de cortar el lateral de su modelo. Ideal para maquetas y modelos en lso que no se quiera romper la línea con el interruptor del modelo.

Martin Pickering

Descripción oficial del producto:

  • Alimentación: Desde centralita
  • Consumo encendido: 10mA
  • Consumo en standby: 20uA
  • Peso: 10g
  • Rango de temperaturas: -30ºC a +75ºC



The MagSensor represents an alternative method of operating and switching our PowerBox battery backers. The circuit is based on modern, zero-contact “Hall sensors”, which respond to a magnetic field by activating the electronic switches in the PowerBox. The Hall sensors do not switch the current, but simply pass on the switching signal.
This accessory is suitable for all PowerBox systems, regardless of age, which are designed to be switched on and off using the SensorSwitch. The basic purpose of the MagSensor is to switch the dual power circuits on and off, but it can also be used to reset the capacity display fitted to more recent systems, if this is an integral feature of the PowerBox. The SensorSwitch must still be used for programming servos and carrying out set-up tasks within the PowerBox’s programming menu. The particular advantage of the MagSensor is that scale pilots can exploit all the advantages of our redundant battery backer systems, but without an exposed On / Off switch.
The magnetic trigger is powerful enough to penetrate reliably through thick GRP / CFRP walls panels, even if they are several millimetres thick.
In addition to a pair of green LEDs for visual monitoring, the MagSensor features a supplementary Piezo sounder, which confirms the On / Off switching process by means of beeps of different pitch.
The MagSensor still requires you to activate both power circuits individually – as with all PowerBox systems. The reason behind this feature is that the PowerBox contains two redundant switching and regulatory systems. Separate control also gives you the opportunity to check each of the PowerBox’s power circuits individually – and this also applies to the MagSensor.
If you are using a PowerBox System with an integral capacity counter, the MagSensor can also be used to reset the residual capacity display.


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Conector negro, Conector rojo (centralitas más antiguas)